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Note: Feng Shui is a kind of science, not a superstition.  Authentic Feng Shui has nothing to do with religion.



Taiji (or Tai Chi) is a Chinese philosophy that talks about Yin and Yang  -  the contrary forces (or fields) of everything in the natural world are interconnected and interdependent; they complement and control each other.

When one of the two dominates, its power will gradually be reduced as the contrary force grows stronger and starts another cycle. However, the time length of each cycle may be different every time. The Taiji represents such a cycle the black and white represent Yin and Yang, where there is a continuous cycle with one growing stronger while the other lessens.

Example of an Ying-Yang Cycle: Fire is Yang and water is Yin. A piece of burning charcoal will consume all its contents (including the water molecules inside) and will turn into ashes. When the fire extinguishes, the Yang is gone. The ashes start to absorb the moisture in the atmosphere and the Yin takes back the control.

Winter and summer (cold and hot) is also another example. After the coldest day has come, the weather will turn warmer and warmer. Likewise, when the hottest day comes, the weather will turn cooler and cooler, and a cycle is formed.

This Chinese philosophy believes that Yin and Yang are paired and have to be balanced. If you force one (say make the fire bigger), you will just force it to its end (a stronger fire consumes more firewood and all the firewood will be used up in a shorter period of time).


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