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Note: Feng Shui is a kind of science, not a superstition.  Authentic Feng Shui has nothing to do with religion.


The Qi

Qi is frequently translated as "energy flow". It is a concept of circulation or movement of tangible or intangible materials. There is Qi in the universe, in the sky, on the earth, inside our homes and even inside our bodies.  In Feng Shui, Qi is defined as ‘wind’ (normally intangible) and ‘water’ (normally tangible).

‘Wind’ may be referred to the flow of air, at any direction. It may also be referred to snow, rain and lights. ‘Water’ may be referred to rivers, roads and stairs.  Where there is a road, there is a ‘river’. Water means wealth in Feng Shui. When we have to rent a retail space to operate a store, easy road access is an important issue. A corner lot is a better choice for a store; as there are two roads serving the lot (2 streams of ‘Water’).  Highways, main roads and avenues ‘Water’ and they bring wealth (traffic, shoppers and business) to stores.

Other than the tangible and intangible, Qi can include things that are still unknown and undiscovered.  For example, people did not know anything about radioactive substances, invisible lights, ultra high frequency sound waves, infrared and electromagnet waves one thousand years ago, but these substances did exist at that time and had affected people.  Infrared and electromagnetic waves were not known to people hundreds of years ago. In fact, Qi exists everywhere and affects us in many ways.

As a study on how the environment would affect people, Feng Shui was developed to cope with the impact of everything, including the unknown, based on the statistical data over thousands of years.  For example, too much light is not good in Feng Shui. In ancient times, people did not know about ultraviolet light or radiation, but they just knew too much sunlight was not good. This is based on the experience. Now it is scientifically proven that too much sunlight can cause cancer, can oxidize paints and makes colours fade. This was not known hundreds or thousand of years ago.


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