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Note: Feng Shui is a kind of science, not a superstition.  Authentic Feng Shui has nothing to do with religion.




Our Mission


Registered in Canada, Feng Shui Institute is formed by a group of professionals who dedicate their time to fighting myths, misunderstandings, superstitions and discriminations against Feng Shui practice. We promote the practice of authentic and traditional Chinese Feng Shui.  Our mission is to show people what authentic Chinese Feng Shui is and to fight the so-called Contemporary Feng Shui, the superstitions and myths in Feng Shui.

For example, some people copied some theories from Feng Shui without knowing its principles, added their own stuff to it and called it ‘contemporary’ Feng Shui.  There is a book talking about ‘contemporary Feng Shui’, the author said it is not good to place a single lamp post in front of a bed, as it means ‘One Night Stand’; which is not good for getting or maintaining a stable relationship.  The author simply used the ‘homophonic’ words – ‘One Light Stand’ to ‘One Night Stand’.  Many people would find this funny and accept the interpretation of it.  This is purely the imagination of the author and he makes it related to Feng Shui. Definitely it is not Feng Shui. First of all, there is no such thing as ‘one night stand’ in ancient time.  More importantly, the rhyme ‘one night stand’ is based on English words, not Chinese. Definitely this kind of interpretation is not the authentic Chinese Feng Shui.

In authentic Feng Shui, a single lamp post in Feng Shui may represent the trigram 1, since it is single (only 1) and 1 represents Water.  It may also represent Fire as the nature of light and electricity is Fire.  The shape of the post may represent Wood, as it is a long pole.  The colour of the post also represents one of the five elements.  Education makes people understand the authentic Feng Shui theories, and this is our job.


To the best of our knowledge, we guarantee that all information on this site are sincere representations of Feng Shui. However, we make no claim for absolute effectiveness and are not responsible or liable in any manner in respect of the results of any action taken or not taken in reliance upon the information in this website.

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